Entry #1

I think I got scouted but I'm not really sure.

2017-02-10 22:17:58 by HecTicFrigidMusic

I got a private Message saying taht so and so scouted me to the audio portal but when I try to use my music in GD it doesnt work. Got any tips?


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2017-02-21 17:04:27

Same for me, can't use any of my songs :/


2017-03-10 20:27:54

Try accepting the scout request. Or, maybe you got scouted right after the Geometry Dash music update.

HecTicFrigidMusic responds:

I accepted the scout request, and yes it was after the geometry dash music update. But thank you :)


2017-04-28 01:13:35

maybe they are just trying to get you to feel grateful and to get them scouted to or somethin :^ not even sure who this person is tho.